I can scape your dream. I will do this by carefully arranging image with colour; I will mix memory with instinct , emotion and reason.

 I will portray a visual image of the setting for your dreams, in the form of an Image. 

Here is a list the possible Dream types I have encountered so far,

feel free to add more details at the bottom.


Half Here / Half There 

the moment the train of reasonable day time thinking slows down and stops, you are here, you get off, you are there when you see that your thoughts quiet down and take the form of images. part of you remains aware of your entering into dreamland, you enjoy this time of awareness.


you see shapes and forms , geometric, fractal. Misty clouds of colour surround you from all sides.


surrounded by water, perhaps in a Turkish bath, at a beach, in the middle of the ocean, on a boat.

are you swimming towards shore or away from it? Describe your waters


you are caring for a small child or animal - they will be safe with you. 

What are they and what have you named them?


 you are falling in space or down a long flight of stairs, you don’t feel no pain. 


you are gliding above everything, how wonderful. 

What do you see from up there?


you dream about the day you were born, you revisit the place where you were born and the people who were present at the time. You share birthday cake and memories. Generations after generations of your Blood join the party.


 you remember the sounds and voices most clearly, you are a composer tonight. You wake up with a tune already playing in your head  and you gotta hum it at least till half past noon. 

Please demonstrate the sounds to me.


You remember your dreams in detail for days, months or years to come. Perhaps you will have this dream more than once. 

Where are you? Who with? And what are you doing? 


 You embrace the people you have lost and reconcile with them for the night. These dreams can make you sad sometimes. 

Please let me know if you need a hug.


You enter your Tv screen, computer or mobile device for a night. You glide right in to a Video Game as you hear the soothing sounds of Techno Trance blast from your mind’s eye.


you let the impulses which you’ve tamed when awake take over for the night : you confront a person who has wronged you , you go on a blood thirsty rampage, your mouth gaping wild, poison dripping from your sharp fangs. Nothing can stop you, No one will get in the way.

Phantom Limb

When you dream of losing a part of your body, the absence of it is a burning sensation you cannot shake and they all represent loss of safety or identity.  losing your teeth, losing your eyebrows, losing your voice. How will you make up for this tragic loss?


you dream about the exact same setting you were in during the day. Revisit the same activity or thought you spent long hours tending to. If you feel trapped by this reality, it is time to diversify.

What causes your eclipse?


You are experiencing a sexual fantasy almost to the point of climax or perhaps you’ve even reached it? Can you share your fantasy?

Yellow Brick Road 

on a journey alongside unlikely but most agreeable companions towards a place unknown even to you, often you will never reach it - its the journey that matters.

What are your means of transport?


You are surviving the turmoils of global defeat head strong. No worries, you got this.

Describe the Apocalypse 


Your body is as restless as the universe around, so much so that you wake up ravenous and agitated. Maybe you are over dosing Sleep Sand

what are you running away from?


you are able to move mountains with your mind 

Black Hole 

 you do not dream or Never remember what you are dreaming of at all ——  

Seek Help